To-Do List

Here I will list some things I am working on, or expect to work on in the near future.

Read and sign FFA

See post Signatures for FFA. I will be reading and signing the FFA series by asciilifeform.

I found out that the signatures I made are using the old SHA1 hash, instead of the better SHA256 hash. Therefore, I should resign these and re-post the signatures. I should also include the original vpatches.

Revist my Keccak implementation

At one point I made a version of Keccak. I need to go through it again, and check that it gives the same results as the reference implementation (Diana Coman's version made for Eulora). I should also create a vpatch for it, and host it here on this website rather than its current location (github).

I think I am not doing the big-endian/little-endian conversion correctly when moving between bitstreams and bytes.

Build a Cuntoo computer

I recently got a linux computer running. I would like to at some point switch over to using Cuntoo. This might be easier with a different computer that was not made by Apple.

Modify the tags cloud

One thing about my website that I do not like is the way the tag cloud looks. I would be happier if the largest tags were a tad smaller and the smalles tags were a tad larger. It would require digging into the internals of WordPress somewhere, but I don't expect it to take a big change.

Mirror documentation for Wordpress - added 2020/04/08

On the Wordpress settings page, by the time and date section, there is a link to, this should be updated to The linked help page and the other associated documentation pages should be mirrored/archived in a safe place.