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BTC price setting auction May 2019

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

This appeared in the log today:

auctionbot: Buy order # 1047 has ENDED: 500 WFF, WU esta bien SOLD by PeterL for 94mn ecu. Attn: BingoBoingo

This might look cryptic, but it is actually a very important piece of information. What this is saying is that 500 USD1 were sold for 94mn ecu2, which is equivalent3 to 0.094 bitcoin. Or for people who think of things using the USD price, that is an exchange rate of 5319.15 USD/BTC.

This particular monthly auction is important because it is used to set the prices which the Pizarro ISP uses to set the rates they charge customers.

  1. US dollars, aka WFF, which stands for wired filthy fiats []
  2. ecu = euloran copper unit []
  3. Equivalent because the makers of the game Eulora, who issue these ecu, have pegged them to the bitcoin. []

Allowable Baby Names

Friday, April 26th, 2019

From the Logs:

Mircea Popescu: Names like "Trace Mayer" SHOULD be obsolete. Get a fucking human name why don't you. What is this Mug Costanza and Rifling Jones bs. Unless of course there's some King Trace in the glorious history of that great nation of Africa that I'm unfamiliar with.
Asciilifeform: Hey, if we had a Joe Stack, why not king trace. (is there a, e.g., Henry Heap?)
MP: Joe is fine. what the fuck reason did Mrs Mayer have to eschew calling her boy Rachel or whatever the fuck they do in her tribe.

PeterL: What kind of funny name is "Mircea"?
MP: PeterL ah, but in the god forsaken country of Romania, there's a bunch of kings called that.

PeterL: So you can only name people after kings?
MP: PeterL yes. You may only name kids after famous dead people. Either kings or saints. Pick.

PeterL: How about family members?
MP: PeterL well family members were named through the same process, so...

So, to build on the wisdom of Mircea Popescu, I figure it would be nice to have a baby name book made not with definitions of the names but with historical instances of the names. Here I list all the boy names which are presidents of the US, Kings of England or Scotland (which is where my family came from before moving to the US), governors of Michigan (where I currently live), and my own family names. The girls are mostly wives of those listed above, the list would only be about three names else-wise.

Here is a complete list of the boy names of my tribe:

Aaron Abraham Albert Alexander Alfred Andrew Arthur Austin
Barak Benjamin Boris Brigham
Calvin Charles Chester
David Donald Duncan Dwight
Edgar Edmund Edward Edwin Elliott Elwood Ezra
George Gerald Gordon Grover
Harold Harry Heber Henry Herbert
James John Joseph Josiah
Kenneth Kinsley
Lorenzo Lyndon
Macbeth Malcomb Martin Maurice Millard Moses
Reed Richard Robert Ronald Russel Rutherford
Spencer Stephen
Theodore Thomas
Ward Warren Wilber Wilford William Woodrow

And here is a complete list of the girl names of my tribe:

Abigail Adelaide Alexandra Allegra Anna Anne Augusta
Barbara Bess Beth Betty
Camilla Caroline Carrie Catherine Charlotte Cheryl Clara Clarissa Cora
Dantzel Diane Dolley
Edith Eleanor Eliza Elizabeth Ellen Elva Emily Emma
Frances Flora Florence
Grace Gretchen
Hannah Helen Henrietta Hillary
Ida Ila Ivana
Jane Janeen Jacqueline Jennifer Julia
Lady Laura Lou Louisa Louise Lucia Lucretia Lucy
Mamie Margaret Maria Marina Marjorie Marla Martha Mary Melania Michelle Miriam
Rachel Rosalynn
Sarah Sophia

You may note that this list is segregated by boys/girls. I do not agree with the current trend of having gender neutral names.

If you think of an obvious name I missed, please comment and I will add it to the list!