Special Delivery by Kris Neville

I just read the book Special Delivery, by Kris Neville (originally published in 1951). This is an interesting science fiction story, where an alien race is secretly invading the Earth. These aliens have the technology to replicate anything from Earth, and their magnificent plan to soften up the Earth for the invasion amounts to mailing a stack of money to each and every person. Of course this works as the aliens intended: everybody gleefully takes the stacks of money. This leads to immediate shortages as people decide they don't have to work anymore, then rioting and pillaging as people try to get everything for themselves before it is all gone, and then general societal collapse.

Perhaps you can see where I am going here?

Recently in the US, due to the Covid Pandemic, there have been various "stimulus payments" and "increased unemployment payments" and "monthly child tax credits" which all amount to mailing stacks of money to the general public. We should be aware that we are playing with fire here. It seems like there are "help wanted" signs popping up everywhere. Inflation has gotten to the point that people are starting to notice it. There seem to be new shortages of seemingly random items each month. But throughout all this, nobody is stopping to ask the question of whether this is a good idea to hand out free money to everybody, they just keep asking for more! Instead, the media is embroiled in covering the nitty gritty of who picks which side in the manufactured controversy of who "believes in science" more, whether it is the Team Red or the Team Blue and whether they will mandate masks or vaccines or forbid mandates of one or the other, all while breathlessly calling the other side names and completely ignoring the sinking ship of the economy as it tips over the brink of disaster.

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  1. Adam Thorsen says:

    I love 50's era sci fi.

  2. While an interesting thought, for politics, I don't strictly see it. Firstly, the wealthy have already been receiving free money for decades. Secondly, society was nicer in 1951 than now; am I to care for the society which openly hates me? Thirdly, a monstrous and inhuman cabal is already in control of the planet.

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