Funniest Lab Glassware

The short path distillation condenser, affectionately abbreviated by chemists as the MFP, is a very useful piece of lab glassware if you are distilling small amounts of sample. It has a ground glass joints to be attached to round-bottom flasks and a ground glass joint for a thermometer. There are two hose prongs for cooling water (in and out), and a third hose prong which can be attached to a vacuum line or left open to atmospheric pressure. The short path distillation condenser takes the place of three pieces in a traditional distillation apparatus: the distillation adapter, condenser, and receiving adapter. This gives it the advantages over a traditional distillation setup of having less points that need clamps and less points that could come open and release the (often preciously created) sample out of the distillation pathway.

Why is this the funniest piece of lab glassware? Well, you have to hold it upside down, as shown below, and then you will see. Of course, MFP is short for Man Fucking Pig, because that is what it looks like.


The MFP, inverted

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  1. I recall this from 2016.

  2. peterl says:

    Your memory is amazing.