Disneyfication to ruin a good story: Frozen 2

I took my kids to see the new Disney movie, "Frozen 2". Why can't they at least try to come up with a creative name? Just putting a "2" at the end is the most boring possible way of naming a sequel.

If you liked the first "Frozen" then you will probably like this one too. It had the same colorful animation style and great musical numbers, with the downside of the annoying snowman character and plot holes you could drive an iceberg through. The story is set in a "Kingdom" that has a population of about 50 people. And apparently people who have been cut off from civilization for 30 years will still be wearing the same uniform they were last seen in.

Despite the plot holes, this could have been a great story about making sacrifices. Elsa (the queen) sacrifices herself and dies to send a message to her sister, Anna, of how to save everybody. Anna then has to make the hard choice, the only way to save the day will destroy their city and castle; although, this is slightly lessened by the fact that everybody has already evacuated the premises. Elsa then takes her place as the queen of the magical spirits, and Anna has to work together with her former enemies to rebuild the capital. - Oh, wait, this is Disney, so there has to be a way to deus ex machina magically save the day. So Elsa isn't really dead, the love of her sister brings her back, or something? That part didn't make sense to me while I was watching the movie. Anyway, Elsa is totally OK after having been turned into an ice statue, so she hurries instantly back the way that had taken a montaged trek previously in the movie and uses her magic to save the castle. You thought both characters were making hard sacrifices, but it's OK, nothing bad really happens.

So my conclusion is, this was fun to watch but left me a little bit unfulfilled in the end. Now I want to go watch "Star Wars: Rogue One" again so I can see a movie where everybody dies like they are supposed to.

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