Family Dynamics - The most sexist quiz ever

Take this quiz with your significant other to make sure you are on the same page where family dynamics are concerned, so that you can identify where she needs to improve so that you will be happier together.

Q. How should a woman dress while doing the housework?
A. Heels and Pearls
B. Barefoot

Q. When should a woman have dinner on the table?
A. 5:00 sharp every night
B. Whenever the man comes home at night

Q. How frequently should a couple have sex?
A. Whenever the man asks
B. Every night

Q. After the woman serves dinner, who should wash the dishes?
A. The woman
B. The kids
C. The servants

Q. When a woman has emotional troubles, who should she talk to?
A. Her mom
B. Her girl friends
C. The dog

Q. When a man has emotional troubles, he should:
A. Drink a beer
B. Work out
C. Get laid

Q. If the kids get in trouble at school, a woman should:
A. Take care of it so as not to bother the man
B. Tell the kids "Just wait till your father gets home"

Q. The man needs pants. The woman should:
A. Buy nice pants and keep them ironed for the man
B. Buy care-free pants that don't need ironing

Q. Everybody gets in the car. Who is driving?
A. The man

Q. Everybody sits in front of the TV, what should happen next?
A. The man uses the remote to select the show the man wants
B. The man uses the remote to select the show the woman wants

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