Signatures for FFA

I have been reading and signing the FFA series by asciilifeform. I have read the whole series as they have been published, and I have been signing them as I feel like I understand what is happening in each patch. I intended to get through the whole series before publishing this blog post, but as I have gone some time without adding any signatures I figured I should go ahead an make this post with the signatures that I already have.

These are signatures of the keccak versions of the vpatches. The patches can conveniently be viewed using the patch viewer.

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2 Responses to “Signatures for FFA”

  1. peterl says:

    So, I made signatures and forgot to mark the -a in the gpg command. So I will have to remake the signatures for patches after ch5.

  2. PeterL says:

    Fixed the issue, now all signatures are ascii text instead of binary.

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