A Dinner Conversation

For my first year of college I attended a large private university in Utah. For Homecoming, about ten of us went out to dinner together before the dance. We were from a variety of places across the US; I came from Michigan, my companions were from places such as California, Utah, Texas, and North Carolina.

At one point the conversation turned to the types of fast food chains found where each of us lived. There was a Carl's Jr. located across the street from our campus, and I had eaten there for the first time a couple weeks before since there are none in Michigan. We talked about Jack in the Box, and a couple other chains, and then the conversation moved on.

A couple minutes later, Andrea, from Washington, who had been pretty quiet up to this point, innocently said "Do you guys have Dick's? You know, they are like In'N'Out?"

After a few seconds of silence, she realized what she had said and turned bright red.


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